Hood Ceramics

Custom pendants can be made with carving, etched designs, and color. Starting at $35
Vases and Planters
Custom Orders

Below are examples of the common items made for pet memorial pieces. 
Coasters have cork bottoms and can be square, circle, or organic shaped. 
$10 each
​All horsehair pottery is made from low fire clay, which is porous. Horse hair works great for decorative vases that can hold dried arrangements or planters. 
Starting at $45
Bowls may be designed to hang or sit.  
Starting at $45
Urns are priced according to size, 
detail, and material. Urns can be 
made using animal hair or glaze.
Starting at $50
As an artist I am always exploring new ideas and would be excited to develop creative custom memorial pieces for your pet.